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Burn My Heart - Beverley Naidoo

Burned My Heart

The book “Burned my heart”by beverly naidoo was about What does it mean to be loyal? Mathew and Mugo, two boys--one white, one black--share an uneasy friendship in Kenya in the 1950s. They're friends even though Matthew's dad owns the land and everything on it. They're friends despite the difference in their skin color. And they're friends in the face of the growing Mau Mau rebellion, which threatens British settlers with violence as black Kenyans struggle to win back their land and freedom. But suspicions and accusations are escalating, and an act of betrayal could change everything. Internationally acclaimed, award-winning author Beverley Naidoo explores the fragile bonds of friendship in this stunning novel about prejudice, fear, and the circumstances that bring people together and tear them apart.


In this book I have connections with the world. The connection I have is that when discrimination was happening way back blacks and whites were not supposed to be together. They had to be separate. This is a connection because the text tells me that the both best friends can't be together because of their skin color and it's almost the same with what I compared it too.

I recommend this book to students because I know if they had a best friend and their parents said that you shouldn't have a best friend with a difference gender your heart would be broken. Not just because now y'all are going to be apart for ever, I know that's the most difficult thing but also know that your parents are racist and they just don't understand.